People Are Rushing To Get This New Affordable Smart Watch Today. Is It Better Than Apple?
By Michael Hanley - October 22, 2021 By Michael Hanley -
October 22, 2021
"Finally a high end yet affordable smartwatch for iPhone & Android"

September 2021 : German Tech Startup Technik has just launched their latest generation of high end affordable smart watches, sending SHOCKWAVES through the industry. We thoroughly tested it and we found that the Technik 3 is as good or better as the expensive brands in almost every category.
Here Are Our Test Results

I regularly attend CES and other large consumer electronics events across the world and I have been testing and reviewing the latest tech for well over 10 years. I've tested almost every type of Smart Watch that exists... and I know firsthand how important the quality and features are.

When anyone thinks of high-end Smart Watches, Apple is usually the first that comes to mind. They are the gold standard of Smart Watches. They look fantastic, work flawlessly, and are simple to use.

What could be wrong with that?

Nothing. They are renowned for their amazing products. Yet, for no real reason other than the fact that they can get away with it, big tech companies have been gouging customers with outrageous prices on their products. However, one rapidly expanding German Tech Startup is taking a bold new approach, catching this industry off guard.

Being totally up front, when my company asked me to review this new Technik 3, watch, at first I wasn't all that excited. I just never would have imagined it could compete with the big boys when it was less than 1 / 4 the price.
What was it like?
We ordered from their official website and received it the following day.

That was a good start.

That morning the box was already sitting on my desk with the brand-new Technik 3 waiting for me to review. I still had my reservations about how this watch might stack up, yet as I unboxed it, I changed my tune right then and there.

I have reviewed many Smart Watches in the last 5 years, but the Technik 3 had a high caliber look and feel that immediately stood out.

The Technik 3 is the brainchild of an innovative German tech company founded on the principles that superior tech should be available and affordable to everyone.
Their team spent millions in R&D over the course of 7 years to reverse-engineer the top smartwatches in the market. They took what they learned and began building a better smartwatch for the masses, all while keeping them affordable for everyone.

I was extremely impressed. It's built with a hardened aluminium shell and tempered touch screen glass, making it nearly indestructible, with a sleek and innovative look that is comfortable enough to wear all day.

After a week of rigorous use, wear, and testing, I can say without hesitation that this smartwatch is as good than the luxury smartwatches I own from other big tech companies, but the Technik 3 is available at a fraction of their prices.

Here's how the Technik 3 compares to the best watches on the market:

Comparison Technik 3 Apple Fitbit
Price $49 $399 $229
iPhone & Android
Calls & Texts
Heart Tracking
Sleep Tracking
Calorie Tracking
Music Control
Simple Setup
Find Your Phone
The Technik 3 is not just any smartwatch. Yes, it has all the usual features such as taking phone calls, counting steps, monitoring sleeping patterns, and message alerts, etc. But it’s so much more.
"After thorough testing I have realized that the Technik 3 is the same quality as the name brand smartwatches that cost 4-6 times more. I'll never pay for the brand ones again."

One thing that places this smartwatch miles above the competition is that it has built-in tools designed to protect and save your life...
How Is The Technik 3 Different?

The innovative green laser is the secret.

It is engineered to accurately measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen level (SpO2), heart rate, and calculate your beats per minute (BPM). All in real-time.

It can even perform an ECG on you.
Why Is An ECG So Important?

Doctors use Electrocardiogram (ECG) to assess your heart rate and rhythm. This test can often detect heart disease, heart attack, an enlarged heart, or abnormal heart rhythms that may cause heart failure.1
Heart disease is something we should all be checking for, even as early as our 20’s. It’s the leading cause of death in the USA and early detection is critical.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the number 1 cause of death globally and 85% of those deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes.2
World Health Organization 

The Technik 3 monitors your heart 24/7 to alert you to any abnormalities or issues, giving you crucial time to catch problems and seek medical help before it's too late...
Identifying those at highest risk of CVDs and ensuring they receive appropriate treatment can prevent premature death.3
-World Health Organization
That's why monitoring your heart's activity at the touch of a button, it a truly great feature!

And that's why the Technik 3 is so popular, it could literally save your life one day!

What Else Can The Technik 3 Do?

A thorough review of all the specs revealed that the Technik 3 is completely on par with the latest technology in October 2021.

The Technik 3 is packed with many productivity, health and fitness, and even lifesaving functions and benefits:

✅  Sync to both iPhone and Android - Supports IOS and Android

✅  ECG, Heart Rate & Blood Pressure - Priceless 24/7 health monitoring

✅  Incoming calls - Keep your phone safe in your pocket and answer on your watch

✅  Text Notifications - No need to check your phone for each message

✅  Large Color 1.3" HD Display - Easy-to-read, oversized for easy touch control

✅  IP6/7 Waterproof - Wear yours in the shower or pool workouts

✅  Step counter - Set goals, hit them and lose weight fast

✅  Sleep Monitoring - Helps you sleep better and wake up refreshed

✅  Calorie Monitoring - Incredibly useful to lose, maintain or even gain weight

✅  Alarm Reminder - Never forget your anniversary or dentist appointment again

✅  State-of-the-art Fitness tracking - Record your workouts and get fit

✅  Long Standby - Long life battery, super-efficient, less annoying recharges

✅  Sedentary Warning - Tells you when to sit less and move more

✅  Great Styling - Premium looking smartwatch.

✅  Control your music - The easiest way to change track and volume

✅  Take a photo - Use your Technik 3 watch to take a photo on your smartphone

✅  Find Your Phone - Call your lost phone from your Technik 3 watch to find it fast

and much more!

You get all the features of a high quality smartwatch PLUS get the innovative health features.

The Technik 3 is a great looking watch that's like having a personal trainer, assistant and life insurance policy, on your wrist!

One thing I quickly learned is that once you try the Technik 3, you'll not want to go back to life without it!
What Did Our Editorial Team Think?


  • Extremely High Value for its Price
  • Works with iPhone & Android
  • Proactive Health Monitor
  • Workout Tracking
  • Text & Calls
  • Waterproof
  • Large Display
  • Long Battery Life
  • 50% Discount Currently Available


  • Limited Stock Available
  • Currently Only Available in Black

"Fantastic build quality. An excellent smartwatch for those who care about their health. Certainly worth more than its price in this current market. You will not regret having this on your wrist." - Don

"I love that it has good battery life. I’m sick of smartwatches that need charging daily… I would rate the the Technik 3 4.8 stars and was seriously impressed with its functions VS price. What a crazy bargain at 25% the cost of the big brands" - Chris

"Very comfortable, good battery, nice looking also! I run on the trails, do laps in the pool and hit the gym every day. My Technik 3 took a few heavy knocks during my test week - I was amazed there was not a scratch on it. If the discount price is still live, buy it." - Gary

Who Is The Technik 3 For?

The Technik 3 is for anyone who wants to lose weight, stay on top of their health, improve their fitness, sleep better, or have more convenience in their lives. It's perfect for professionals who need to stay connected but are constantly on the move and it’s the ideal piece for someone that desires a high end luxury smartwatch for a fair price.

How Much Does The Technik 3 Cost?

You would expect a watch of this caliber to be anywhere between $300 - $500.

So the retail price of $99.99 is way below our expected range!

HOWEVER, Their 50% promotional discount drops that price to only $49.

They also offer FREE Same Day Shipping, which saves probably $10 all by itself.

Click here to see the Technik 3 promotion for yourself (if it's still live) >>

That's a bargain for this luxury smartwatch that’s also a 24/7 heart rate monitor device!

It seems even more amazing when you consider some big brand models cost 3-5 times more...
How Can It Be So Affordable?

Technik is a German Tech company founded on the principles that beneficial tech should be available and affordable to everyone.

They took on the old outdated methods of the Swiss watch industry and created a brand new high tech manufacturing process, disrupting the entire industry.

By streamlining and bringing these processes in-house and then selling direct to consumer, they were able to bypass the retail middleman.

And thus, Technik is able to pass significant savings onto the consumer, with a premium high-end tech watch at a price affordable for anyone.

Where Can You Get Your Technik 3

That’s super easy.

1 - Order the Technik 3 from the official online shop here.

2 - They ship same day if you order before Noon PST.

3 - Rest assured, they have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Conclusion: Should you Buy it?

In short, YES!

If you have never owned a smartwatch - the Technik 3 is the perfect first time model.

It's great value for money! They even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

You'll quickly see why thousands of people have ordered theirs already!

Using the Technik 3 you are sure to put your mind at risk about your heart and work on dieting and exercising to improve your heart health too!

To be honest the Technik 3 'feels' just like an expensive $500 Watch. It's packed full of all the best features too.

The icing on the cake is the price. If it's still on promotion for only $49 - definitely, pick one up before they go.
"In case you couldn't guess, I LOVED it! You won't find a better watch for a better price."
Usually I have to send back my review devices, but I wanted this Technik 3 for myself! So I paid for and kept it!

Michael Hanley
Michael is our expert in technology and consumer electronics. He spends his free time building PC’s and hanging out at home with his wife and three children.

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